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How ‘Astroturfing’ Is Hazardous For Your Health

Whether you realize it or not; your belief system is based on someone or something you trust.

‘Astroturfing’ is a form of propaganda that uses something you trust to manipulate your opinion or beliefs.

It’s the practice of lying to the public on a grand scale for profit or power.

The word ‘astroturfing’ is a play on the term ‘grassroots movement’ (since Astroturf is fake grass). A ‘grassroots movement’ can often be referred to as a sway in public opinion.

What is the best way to sway public opinion?

By paying professionals we trust such as doctors, scientists, celebrities or specialists to spread misinformation.

Corporations love astroturfing

They pay an industry professional such as a ‘dietician’ or a doctor to speak on a TV commercial or a morning talk-show and ‘inform’ the public on what they should be buying (or not buying). These people are called ‘thought leaders’ and are given a script to read, and are told to stick to it.

Pharmaceutical companies are masters of the this dark art

Let’s say you see a documentary on television with scientists recommending you take a new cholesterol-lowering drug (suitable for children too). So you do some homework and there is a family health organization that promotes the drug. You Google the name, and you see doctors promoting how good the drug is. You look it up on Facebook and there are hundreds of people who claim the drug is great. So you finally ask your doctor and he also praises the product. So you decide to use it for the whole family.

But what you didn’t know was that the documentary was paid-for and produced by the pharma company.

The health organization is an affiliate for the pharma company.

The pharma company has flooded the internet with false testimonials to drown out any negative press about the drug.

The Facebook page is owned by the drug company… along with the fake FB profiles (bots).

And your doctor has been influenced by cherry-picked research results… along with incentives to prescribe the product.

And to top it all off – the concept that cholesterol causes heart disease is based on a theory that has ZERO scientific backing (the lipid hypothesis)… meaning you were being tricked into thinking you needed the drug in the first place!

Now that’s evil!

The oil industry used astroturfing to convince the public that leaded fuel was safe. They paid scientists to come up with false scientific conclusions. This stunt allowed petroleum companies to shorten the lives of hundreds of thousands of people over the span of 50 years.

Tobacco companies used astroturfing for decades to fool people into thinking that smoking didn’t cause cancer.

The breakfast industry uses astroturfing to trick us into buying their products to this day…

We constantly hear this famous tagline: “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”

The breakfast industry is an international network worth billions of dollars… and this single phrase is the foundation that it was built on.

But did you know that this famous phrase is a giant sham?

Breakfast literally means “to break your fast” (because the 12 – 15 hour period between dinner and when you wake up is considered a fast).

You may have read lately that fasting is a popular way to lose weight. Intermittent fasting is a popular weight-loss technique where you skip breakfast and try to hold out for lunch as long as possible.

But the breakfast industry doesn’t want you to believe that… So they roll out some ’dieticians’ to muddy the waters with the lie: “you need breakfast to kick-start your metabolism otherwise your body will go into ‘starvation mode’ and actually hold onto fat rather than burning it” – but this is simply clever marketing spin. Your local personal trainer and doctor hears about the lie, and without fact-checking; they start spreading the rumor further…

The trouble with astroturfing is that it can be so believable that it influences even the most educated people. It can sway the opinion of doctors, scientists, and government officials. That’s when a lie becomes ‘the truth’.  People don’t bother to fact check because the ‘fact’ has become ‘common knowledge’ – “if it’s on Wikipedia then it must be true”.

Wikipedia is an astroturfers dream… Wikipedia claims to be ‘open source’ but couldn’t be further from the truth… Wikipedia works with corporate and political interests to serve their agendas (check out ‘the lipid hypotheses’ on Wikipedia… even though there is zero scientific evidence supporting the hypothesis; Wikipedia has watered-down and twisted the words of the ‘controversy’ at the bottom of the page to appease the all-powerful drug companies).

Powerful interests trying to manipulate your opinion using non-profit organizations

Another classic example of astroturfing is a ‘non-profit organization’ that fights regulation… when in reality; the non-profit org is a front-group acting in the interests of a corporation. Or a group of corporations that risk losing profits from certain regulations.

Eg: The group ‘Save Our Tips’ organization which is meant to be representing restaurant staff is actually a front-group funded by a body of restaurateurs that disagree with a minimum-wage price hike.

‘The National Wetlands Coalition’ worked on behalf of oil companies and property developers.

‘The American Council of Science and Health’ is funded by chemical corporations and oil companies.

The ones that cry ‘fake news’ are often the ones who are bias

Astroturfers seek to controversialize those who disagree with them… calling them fake news, a conspiracy theorist, a quack, crazy or even a bigot. This is a popular technique in politics.

Astroturfing is rife within politics

Astroturfing can even be someone fronting as ‘your average Joe’ giving their humble opinion in a magazine forum, radio talkback or on social media.

Around the time of an election, pick up your local paper and you will find countless letters from ‘concerned resident X’ objecting to the disastrous policies of Y. Although it sounds hard to believe that a political power would stoop to such a low level; most of this low-level astroturfing is done by ‘bots’. These bots come in the thousands and are ‘virtual astroturfers’ complete with fake IP addresses and fake online histories.

Lazy reporting makes matter worse

Newsgroups aren’t interested in reporting the proper news. They report on ‘clickable news’ or sensationalist news… the type of news that will make sure you keep watching after the commercial break.  This complacency in the media is where news outlets don’t bother fact-checking.  They use astroturfed ‘facts’ and perpetuate the myth by reporting on it.

So how can astroturfing affect the quality of your life?

Misinformation can influence your lifestyle choices such as:

Your diet – “Eat margarine instead of butter for heart health” (Ironically, margarine causes heart disease)

Drugs you take – “Take these drugs for depression” (side effects may cause suicidal thoughts and tendencies)

The way you bring up your children – “Growing bodies need carbohydrates… this breakfast cereal is high in carbohydrates to fuel your child’s brain while at school” (‘high in carbohydrates’ is a loose term for 35% sugar)

How you spend your money – “This celebrity uses ‘wrinkle eraser X’ to look more youthful (when in reality, you’re rubbing unnatural chemicals into your body that can mess with your hormones).

Astroturfing is a minefield to navigate through…

It is so poisonous that many people throw their hands in the air and dismiss the good information with the bad.

I urge you not to be a total skeptic, but an open-minded skeptic, giving both sides of a story a chance.

Most importantly, be mindful of the drugs that the pharma industry tells you are safe to take.

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Why Vitamin Supplements Are Useless & Can Increase Your Chances of Cancer

Did you know there isn’t one single public health organization (national or international) that promotes taking vitamin pills anymore?

Decades of studies conducted on literally hundreds of thousands of participants all over the world have concluded with rock-solid evidence – that most vitamin supplements are useless.

And furthermore; taking them in the slightest excess actually increases your chances of cancer and other illnesses!

There are a number of reasons why so many of us take vitamin supplements… the most obvious is that vitamins make up for deficiencies in our diet right?

Well, no…

If you live in a developed country; even if you don’t eat a particularly healthy diet – you’re still likely getting the vitamins you need. As crazy as it sounds; many junk foods (even though they are combined with unhealthy ingredients) still contain vitamins and minerals.

If you’re an incredibly fussy eater and have had your blood diagnosed by a doctor, it still doesn’t necessarily mean that a lab-made pill is the best way to go to get those missing nutrients.

The vitamin supplement industry is poorly regulated, and these ‘vitamins’ don’t have to go through the stringent tests that medicine has to endure. They are also exempt from disclosing any possible side effects.

The next problem with vitamin supplements is that it’s near impossible to be sure you are getting a safe dosage.

Taking a much higher dose of vitamins than nature intended in an effort to ‘cancel out’ the sins of your diet doesn’t work. Your body is a complex machine that relies on a fine balance of what it needs. Yet in this age of information, too many people still think that consuming more than what your body needs means they’ll grow stronger like some kind of superhero.

It is a common misconception that high doses of vitamins wards off illness… in fact, it does the opposite (I will explain later in the article).

Nature intended that you get your minerals and vitamins naturally from food. By doing so, you can’t ‘overdose’ on vitamins (this is why juicing your fruit and veg isn’t healthier).  It’s very simple – if you have eaten enough kale (or whatever nutritious food) to make yourself full… then you have maxed out on your vitamin dosage.

Another reason we take vitamin supplements is because of one the greatest marketing buzzwords in the health industry – Antioxidants

 Antioxidants are hailed as the ‘holy grail’ for good health – They fight the evil free radicals

We have all heard that popular buzzword – free radicals… and how they wreck your body.

It’s true. Free radicals cause oxidation… and oxidation can lead to disease.

Some free radicals are formed as natural byproducts of your body’s processes, including eating and breathing and immune system responses.

But free radicals are also plentiful in things like:

  • Air pollution
  • Alcohol
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Unnatural cooking oils
  • Unsaturated fats
  • Pesticides
  • Household chemicals
  • Highly processed foods
  • Deli meats (salami, ham, bacon, smoked or cured meat )
  • BBQ’d food
  • Drugs


Oxidation causes a number of health problems:

Heart – High Blood Pressure, Cardiac Fibrosis, Metabolic Syndrome

Skin – Premature Aging, Psoriasis, Dermatitis, Melanoma

Eyes – Cataracts, Retinal Degeneration

Kidney – Chronic Kidney Disease

Joints – Rheumatoid Osteoarthritis, Psoriasis

Immune System – Chronic Inflammations, Auto-Immune Disorders, Lupus, MS, Cancer

Brain – Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease

Lung – Asthma, COPD, Cancer


So how do these free radicals cause oxidation?

Without overwhelming you with complicated science jargon; free radicals are molecules that are highly reactive with other cellular structures.

These free radicals are missing an electron – so they steal the electron they need from your cell membranes, proteins and DNA. This is electron stealing is called oxidation.

So how do antioxidants fight these free radicals then?

Antioxidants have an extra electron – Free radicals need an electron.

So the antioxidant gives its extra electron to the free radical – which means free radicals don’t need to steal electrons from your healthy cells.

OK then, so it’s only logical that I take as many antioxidants as I can to fight all these free radicals right? (Especially if I lead an unhealthy lifestyle)

As much as the vitamin supplement industry would like you to think this – this assumption is very wrong. In fact, taking lab made antioxidants will increase your chances of cancer.

Sounds crazy right? If antioxidants cancel-out the negative effects of free radicals, how can antioxidant supplements be harmful?

Scientists conclude that free radicals aren’t quite as nasty as the marketing department of the health industry portrays them to be.

Even though it’s clear that free radicals cause damage, we actually need free radicals to kill bacteria and repel cancerous cells.

As mentioned earlier, free radicals are produced naturally, regardless of external circumstances.

So when people take high doses of antioxidants, they are creating an unnatural environment where the immune system is unable to do its job properly. This phenomenon is called ‘the antioxidant paradox’. And research concludes that it causes cancer.

As mentioned earlier; only consume antioxidants (and vitamins) the way nature intended. This ensures you don’t overdose on them.

There is only one other natural way to give free radicals their needed electron without consuming antioxidants… this is done through the process of ‘grounding’ (click this link for the article)

There are literally hundreds of medical and University studies that prove that overdosing on vitamins and antioxidants heightens your chances of cancer.

In 1994 Finland’s National Cancer Institute studied 29,000 male long-term smokers 50 years+. They were chosen because of their high risk of heart disease and cancer. Different groups were given either vitamin E, beta-carotene or a placebo.

The results were startling – the subjects who took vitamin supplements had the highest rates of heart disease and lung cancer.

In 1999, research by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center of more than 18,000 participants who had been exposed to asbestos and who were at a high risk for lung cancer, found that patients who took vitamin A, beta-carotene or both were at a 28% and 17% higher risk of dying from lung cancer or heart disease from those who didn’t take any supplements. The study was quickly brought to a halt.

Researchers from the American National Cancer Institute studied 11,000 men in 2007 examining the effects of multivitamins. The group that took the vitamins was 50% more likely to die from prostate cancer.

A similar study on women in 2011 from the University of Minnesota tested 39,000 older women who took multivitamins. The group that took multivitamins all died at higher rates.

If lab created vitamin supplements are so bad, why does everyone take them?

It all comes down to one man – Linus Pauling. He was once considered one of the greatest scientists who ever lived… but because of his great fall from grace, he is mainly remembered for one thing – vitamins.

At the age of 30, Linus Pauling released a scientific paper called “the nature of the Chemical bond” it was so groundbreaking there was nobody qualified to review it. When Albert Einstein was called to look at it he shrugged his shoulders and said: “it’s too complicated for me”. Pauling’s breakthrough earned him his first Nobel Prize – in Chemistry.

He also published a paper that not only cured sickle cell anaemia but was so brilliant that it gave birth to a totally new science – molecular biology.

He made plenty more groundbreaking discoveries and went on to collect national and international science prizes as if they were baseball cards.

As a peace activist, he made such a name for himself – that he earned a second Nobel Prize… a Peace Prize. He was the first person to earn two different Nobel Prizes.

He was awarded Time magazines ‘Man of the Year’.

The media couldn’t get enough of him. And his ego grew.

That’s when he began his research into vitamin C.

Pauling claimed that high doses of vitamin C could cure everything from cancer to HIV and everything in between… he was convinced that it would allow humans to live up to 150 years old.

Other scientists jumped on the bandwagon supporting Pauling’s claims reporting that high doses of vitamin C were the cure to the common cold.

Because of Pauling’s legendary status, half of America was now taking vitamin C supplements.

When scientific studies concluded that vitamin C did nothing to cure cancer, Pauling was outraged. He insisted that the study was conducted wrong.

So research was re-done to Pauling’s standards… and was given the same conclusion.

But Pauling wouldn’t swallow his pride.

This time he doubled-down on his theories. He claimed that an extremely high dose of vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin E, was the winning combination for curing ALL ailments.

Although there was no scientific evidence to back it up, Pauling still had a lot of clout with the media, so Time magazine picked up the story and put it on their front page.

The vitamin supplement industry couldn’t believe their luck… the FDA had been on their back questioning the efficiency of their products… now a double Nobel Prize winner was heavily promoting their products.

The Pharmaceutical industry saw their opportunity and took it… using the leverage of Pauling’s status, they were able to steamroll the FDA with their lobbying in Congress and paved the way to make vitamin pills a billion dollar industry.

And that’s the reason people still take multivitamins today.

The pharma industry knows vitamin pills are useless and can increase your chances of cancer and other diseases… but then again, the pharma industry isn’t in the business of healing people. They’re all about making billions off the backs of sick people.

Since then, Pauling’s claims on vitamin supplements have been debunked decade after decade… sadly leaving his brilliant reputation in tatters.

Linus Pauling never once admitted he was wrong and continued to take high doses of vitamins.

He died of prostate cancer and his wife of stomach cancer.

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Rewiring Your Brain for Serenity – Thanks to a Great Roman Emperor

Free ebook  – How the writings of a very wise 1800 year old Roman Caesar will drastically change your life.

Marcus Aurelius is widely considered one of the greatest Roman Caesars of all time. He wrote a great deal of philosophy and was known as a moral man and fine thinker.

His classic book has inspired generations of people from all walks of life as well as great leaders… and is free for you to download.

Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

Or listen to this Youtube audio version:

Marcus grew up as Roman elite… so at a young age he was educated by some great philosophers such as Seneca and Epictetus with the intention of him taking a place in the Roman senate.

The philosophy he was taught and then wrote about is called stoicism.

Stoicism is not a religion, but a way of thinking to help you deal with the inevitable pitfalls and stress of everyday life.

Caesar Aurelius’ writings weren’t intended to be published as a book. This free ebook he wrote is called ‘Meditations’ because they were mantras he lived by… and lessons he learned from the stress of leading a colossal empire.

“Whatever happens to you has been waiting to happen since the beginning of time… The twining strands of fate wove both of them together: your own existence and the things that happen to you.” – Marcus Aurelius.

Stoics believe in fate… and if you also believe in fate; this philosophy becomes very easy to adopt.

But you don’t need to believe in fate to appreciate and benefit from stoic teachings.

One of the cornerstones of stoic philosophy is that we may not always have control over what’s going on around us; but we do have control over how we react to it.

This way of thinking has inspired generations of leaders and thinkers the virtues of tolerance and self control.

This free ebook is the same book that guided and comforted Nelson Mandela while he was a politically imprisoned for 27 years as he fought for racial equality in South Africa. After his release, he used his stoic beliefs to preach peace and forgiveness despite the terrible injustices of his oppressors.

Stoicism these days is a term for someone who remains calm under pressure and avoids emotional extremes – someone who rids themselves of negative emotion.

If you happen to be ‘hot blooded’ or sometimes ‘fly off the handle’ easily due to the stress of modern day living – you might also want to read this article about how stress and anger is harming your heart (which is a great reason to download this inspirational book).

 “Some things are up to us, and some things are not up to us” – Epictetus.

The Stoics believed that most things in life are ‘not up to us’ and out of our control such as:

  • The actions and opinions of other people
  • Health
  • Our reputation
  • Our wealth

Although we are able to influence these things to some degree; ultimately these things are out of our complete control.

The things the stoics believe are ‘up to us’ are things that come from our mind such as:

  • Our opinions
  • Moral Judgments
  • Beliefs
  • Desires
  • Goals

Stoics believe that people set themselves up for misery and sadness because they base their happiness on things they cannot control – which was described by the philosopher Epictetus as “self-imposed slavery”.

This means that a stoic’s happiness is not dependent on things outside of their control…

Here’s a great quote from the philosopher Seneca:

“It is in no mans power to have whatever he wants. But he has it in his power not to wish for what he hasn’t got – and cheerfully make the most of the things that do come his way”

The stoics used philosophy as a tool that can sculpt and shape our character into an impenetrable fortress – one capable of withstanding struggles and adversity with calmness and strength.

A famous stoic quote (Epictetus) “We suffer not from the events in our lives, but our judgments about them”… a quote that resonates with modern psychology, religions such as Christianity and Buddhism and the self-help movement.

This way of thinking focuses on changing the self defeating attitudes people form about their life circumstances.

Let’s face it. Life is difficult… but all too often, television, movies and social media lead us to believe that everyone should be living a magical fairy tale life. And this belief system sets us up with high expectations.

Stoics believe that anger, misery and sadness arise when misplaced hope smashes into an unforeseen reality…

Anger and sadness only arise when something is considered ‘bad’ while being unexpected. But you don’t get sad and angry when it we get caught in an unexpected storm – even though it’s cold, wet and unpleasant. That’s because we have learned to expect storms.

That’s what the stoics want you to understand. You should learn to expect betrayal, misfortune, accidents, theft etc… So when it eventually happens, you can handle the stress better. A wise and stoic person should aim to reach a state where nothing can suddenly disturb their piece of mind.

This doesn’t mean we should be pessimistic – it just means we should be realistic… and not let external circumstances affect our happiness.

Expectation management: this is a concept that should be taught in school. We should apply this with our own thinking – but also with dealing with others such as business, parenting, friendships etc…

Failure to meet expectations results in disappointment, anger and sadness.

  • So next time you take a vacation, remind yourself that the weather might not be perfect.
  • There is probably going to be a screaming baby sitting next to you on the flight (don’t get angry, take earplugs).
  • Tell your boss your project will be ready on Friday when in reality; you should have it ready (four days before) on Monday.
  • Remind your kids that Santa needs room in his present sack for other children too…
  • When you’re going to be home late from work; tell your wife/husband that you’ll be home at 9pm when you’re expecting it to be closer to 8pm

With social media and television giving people false impressions of what their lives should be like, stoicism is a great tool to bring our life expectations back to reality…

If we can learn to rewire our brain to let-go of circumstances that are out of our control – only then will we be truly happy.  These are the lessons that children need to learn in school. These are lessons young and old must learn in order to survive the hardships of today.

Download this incredibly inspirational book and let us know what you think of it.


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The Healing Power of Sound

Whats the big deal with sound frequencies? 

Everything in the universe has its own resonant frequency.

When you break things down to an atomic level, nothing can truly be regarded as a solid. All matter, whether it’s a solid, liquid or gases are composed of the tiniest particles called atoms. And these atoms are made up of smaller particles called protons, neutrons and electrons. And these particles are made up of even smaller matter such as quarks, bosons and leptons.

Which means; at an atomic level, the thoughts we think and the air we breathe and the sounds we hear are just as real as steel or stone.

Everything is made up of the same principal particles. What makes them different is the arrangement of these particles and the way they are bound together. This is what makes up a substance.

Atoms are not solid either.

Rather, they are infinitely small solar systems made up of even smaller particles vibrating at incredible speeds that are bound together by powerful forces.

Simply put: everything in the universe is made up sub-atomic particles vibrating at different frequencies.

Sound = Vibration

Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden were the first to prove the sound frequency of an atom. The sound, known as a surface acoustic wave (SAW) is the weakest sound possible.

Even the universe also vibrates at its own frequency.

Recently, two physicists at The University of Southern Mississippi, Lawrence Mead and Harry Ringermacher, have discovered that the universe is not only be expanding, but also oscillating or “ringing” at the same time. Their paper on the topic has been published in the April 2015 issue of the Astronomical Journal.

Sound Therapy in Modern Medicine

Modern medicine uses sound frequencies for many different applications. The most widely known use is ultrasound.

Although ultrasound equipment appears silent, the high frequencies they emit are far more intense than the scream of a jet engine.

The power of concentrated sound frequencies can also destroy or rearrange molecules.

If you amplify a frequency, the molecular structure will change. A great example of this is an opera singer shattering a glass with their voice.

This same principle is used for non evasive surgery.

Ultrasound frequencies are used by doctors to reduce joint pain and inflammation.

Newer uses of ultrasound have been used for non-evasive surgery where highly focused ultrasound frequencies are used to destroy tumors.

Modern medicine also uses pulsed infrasonic sound waves to break up kidney stones.

Frequencies of the human body

Just like everything else in the Universe, Our bodies are in constant vibration, every atom, vein, organ, bone, our brain – all have a particular sonic signature with numerous, complex energetic interactions continually taking place. At each of these levels, the communication includes finely attuned bio-electrical transmitters and receivers, which are harmonized like tuning into a radio station.

Frequencies of our meridian system

All parts of the body form an interconnected, vibrating energy network known as our meridian system.

Chinese medicine states that when our body becomes diseased or struck with pain; it’s because one or more of our meridians have an energy blockage.

Blockages within our meridian system occur when our body isn’t resonating at its prime frequency.

Energy imbalances and blockages can be a result of;

  • Poor diet
  • Stress
  • Chemical exposure from cosmetics, moisturizers, toiletries, cleaning products
  • Pollution
  • Electo-smog/Dirty electricity
  • Drinking/Smoking/Drug abuse
  • Un-natural preservatives
  • Bad hygiene
  • Trauma: Physical/Mental

Traditionally, the most popular methods for restoring congested or blocked meridian lines are to either use Acupuncture or Acupressure.

In some cases, Chinese doctors will use electricity for chronic illnesses or strong pain – this is called Electro-acupuncture.

Needles are not the only solution

Blockages within the meridian system can also be cleared using sound frequencies. This is achieved through the science of entrainment.

A basic definition of entrainment is when a stronger rhythm, causes another rhythm to vibrate in harmony with it.

It’s a law of Physics. When two objects are entrained with each other, they expend less energy.

On an atomic level; everything vibrates at different frequencies – including our biological rhythms.

– Which is why our body will entrain to a new time-zone after a long flight.

– Our heart rate and brain waves will entrain to a hectic or a quiet environment.

– Our hormonal cycles entrain with phases of the Moon

-Female roommates menstrual cycles become entrained to the same week of the month

– Even our mood is susceptible to entrainment – which is why most people don’t like to be around a     negative person.

This phenomenon is the cornerstone of Acu- acoustic therapy.

Using the correct bio-frequency; you can synchronize a blocked meridian back to its natural free-flowing state.

This is extremely beneficial for people who have needle phobias. And it is ideal for people who practice meditation.

If you have a nagging ailment and tired of taking expensive medication; Chinese medicine can most likely help.

Check out this short video which shows you how the power of acupressure combined with the science of entrainment can deliver the same miraculous healing benefits of electro-acupuncture.

CLICK HERE: You can easily do it yourself in as little as 3 minutes a day


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