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Tuning Forks Are More Effective Than Acupressure Needles

Have you heard of tuning forks before?


You’re probably wondering how practitioners of TCM use them instead of acupuncture needles… well; let’s just say they don’t stab people with them.

Tuning forks vibrate at a certain frequency when you strike them.

Their frequencies can cause other objects to vibrate in harmony with it… including your body.

They do this through a law of physics is called entrainment – when one object becomes entrained with another, they both expend less energy.

Entrainment occurs in many different ways but its effect on biology can be therapeutic and harmful.

There are many therapists that use tuning forks instead of acupuncture needles for faster and longer lasting healing and pain relief

They strike a specific fork (which sets off a vibration for around 30 seconds),

And apply the base of the vibrating fork to a specific acu-point (acupuncture point).

Each different fork has been calibrated to match the natural frequency of each different Meridian line.

So when you match the right Meridian fork with its matching Meridian; your unhealthy Meridian becomes entrained with the forks frequency.

Chinese medicine states that when our Meridian lines are vibrating in perfect balance, our body is in perfect health.

There are many different forks that are used for different objectives.

There are some therapists who only use a single set of tuning forks tuned to the fundamental healing frequency of the Schumann resonance (7.83 Hz).

Click here to learn about the healing properties of the Schumann resonance (‘the Earths heartbeat’)

Many believe that modern technology is a leading cause of disease. And that electromagnetic radiation (EMF) entrains the body to unnatural frequencies.

This is why some sound healers use forks resonating at 7.83 Hz (the Schumann resonance) – to entrain the body back to this natural frequency which we have evolved from. Check out this short video below from renowned sound healing author Dr Jonathan Goldman on how it’s done.


Some sound therapists use forks tuned to 9 different healing Solfeggio frequencies.

One of these tones emanates the exact frequency of the mantra “OM”. Buddhists believe that the OM frequency is the frequency of the Universe.

Other tuning forks are calibrated to the different frequencies of the 7 chakras.

Dr John Beaulieu, N.D., Ph.D., is one of the foremost pioneers in sound therapy, research and innovation. He recognizes tuning forks as the best way to deliver therapeutic sound healing.

As the founder of BioSonic Enterprises, he has developed and distributed over 50 different sound healing-related products including tuning forks, instructional videos, audio programs, CDs and books.

“Our bodies can be tuned like musical instruments. When they are property tuned we have a sense of well-being and perfect self expression… When we are in tune we are like a string that is stretched with the right amount of tension in order to play the music of life. We are not too tight, and we are not too loose.

Athletes and performers describe being in tune as a state of profound inner relaxation during performing. When people watch them perform they often refer to them as “high tuned” or “in the zone”. When we are “in tune” we are able to make better choices. We have the ability to successfully adapt to the stresses of life giving us better health and increased wellness”.

Fabian Maman has also been a pioneer in tuning fork therapy – for the last 20 years

“Precision calibrated tuning forks can be applied to specific acupuncture and acupressure points that access the body’s Meridians of energy. Listening to and applying the forks to the body and above it stimulates and balances the body’s subtle energies to promote healing and inner balance/harmony.”

The body is a perfect transmitter

Since the human body is over seventy percent water and since sound travels five times more efficiently through water than through air, sound frequency stimulation directly into the body is a highly efficient means for total body stimulation. Especially on a cellular level.

And sound travels through bone twice as fast as water (that’s 10x faster than sound travelling through air).

It is for this reason why hearing aids work so well. Hearing aids conduct sound directly to the cochlea via the resonance of the skull – this is because bone is such a wonderful sound conductor. It is also worth noting that the ear is connected to an ending of the Vagus nerve (your most expansive nerve) which is directly connected to all your major organs. The word ‘Vagus’ means ‘wander’ because it wanders all over the body.

Natural Synergy applies the same entrainment principles via the Vagus nerve… but without the tuning forks.

We’ve streamlined the process so you can easily learn to apply two incredible healing therapies at once  – so you can induce faster, more consistent and more permanent healing results.

Check out this enlightening video that explaining how you can naturally eliminate strong pain in as little as 3 minutes a day.

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